Recently, I decided to turn my Instagram account into a big collage of my life. My idea was to have it look like one large table with pictures all layed out. So far I have about 9 sections/parts and am still continuing to work on it everyday.

I love doing this in my off time when not at school or playing hockey because I can be super creative with it and try new things every single upload. I can take any pictures or videos I've taken and combine them to my liking. There is no boundries on this project which is why I will be continuing this the rest of my life.


A lot of the design work I do is hard to show off to my friends and colleagues. I want to show them what I do on a regular basis but keep it interesting for them at the same time.


Instead of showing off the UX/UI projects I work on, I felt that turning my Instagram into a ever-growing life project would keep my page interesting and give updates to what I'm doing at the same time.

A look into my process