Tiffany & Co.
E-Commerce Re-design

Tiffany at Home

This is the brand new online shopping experience. It allows customers to take a quiz based off of both factual and personal information. The quiz is so we can learn about you!


Tiffany CEO Frederic Cumenal departed suddenly in 2017 while only having 6% sales through its website.


To create a plan for Tiffany and Co. to build e-commerce sales by stepping up certain strategic spending.

Steps to fixing this problem






How Tiffany at Home Works

1. The user starts by taking a quiz about themselves.

2. From here, our experts decide the best jewelry that fits the user. After that, you can then pick size, color, cut, etc.

3. Tiffany’s will then ship you out the products that you chose.

4. Inside each package is the three different options that you chose from taking the quiz. This can be one necklace in three different sizes or three completely different necklaces. It’s all up to you!

5. Can try the jewelry on in own home, with all kinds of clothes, options, and combos. From here you can take your time as well as get opinions from friends and family.

6. Whether you decide to go with one of the options, or choose some new options to try out, mailing back will be easy. Each package will come with a shipping label to go on the original for an easy process.

7. Once selected, the user has more customization features, like engraving and gift options.

Posters and Billboards and Social Media

These different images will be projected in malls, at bus stops, around busy towns, and other places where people are always on the run. For malls, we will first start here because this is where we find our shopaholics. For the other places that people are on the run, this will attract groups and individuals who may have a tight schedule and might not have the time to go into the Jewelry Stores.

Learning about Tiffany at Home

On the website, I have added a section to the header called Tiffany at Home. From this starting page, users will be able to learn everything about the process. Those thumbnails above that laid the entire process out can also be found on this page to let the users know exactly what they are getting into.

Taking the quiz

This is the key factor. The quiz is both factual and personal. We want the user to feel special and want their choices of jewelry to feel precise and distinctly based off of their lives.

The benefits

They will feel less pressure than at the Jewelers and will have more time to make the perfect decision for the perfect person.

After the quiz

After completing, the customer gets to choose three different pieces of jewelry. We will then send out all three options for them to try on and get opinions from others at home.

Happy Customer

When done with the entire experience, our goal is to have the customer feel great about their decision to go with Tiffany at Home.

Sharing these experiences

When done with our service, we want our happy customers to leave awesome stories about how they felt during the entire process, and how it helped their needs of online jewelry shopping. We have created a section on the site titled “Our Stories” which allows these people to share this experience others and bring in more customers and online profits.